Outdoor LED Candle with a Side of Ambiance

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Restaurants have been waiting for a more convenient solution to the standard open flame candles that won’t blow out in the wind, melt in the sun, or burn out in the rain. Finally there is a solution for year-round, all season, safe candle use.

Outdoor LED candle offers all the warmth and ambiance that come with real candles, but without the risks.

Not only are restaurants offering a delicious meal, they are offering an entire experience. Food is the cornerstone of a restaurant, but the ambiance is just as important in attracting customers. Lighting is the heart of ambiance, offering endless opportunities for artistry and design.

Warmer weather makes people want to be outside, and nothing kills a romantic dinner or fun night out with friends on the patio faster than bad lighting.

The outdoor LED candle is a perfect solution for the patio season.
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Outdoor LED Candle

Lighting is an important factor in transforming a space into a place of wellbeing; a place where restaurant patrons feel like it is a home away from home. Outdoor LED candles help create that personal experience, especially on patios where people flock to in the summer months.
Outdoor LED candles simulate real, open flame candles, complete with flickering ambiance. They look and feel just like the real thing, with the following bonus advantages:
  • No lighting hassle with convenient timer options
  • No messing around with matches;
  • No wax drips on your table;
  • No flames to be blown out by the wind;
  • No danger of fire.
Create instant ambiance outside with the warmth of candlelight in flameless, dripless, LED candles.

A Win-Wind Situation

Setting the right mood with lighting is important, even when outdoors. An outdoor LED candle keeps the candlelight glowing no matter the wind or weather.
Make your patio more ambient this season with outdoor LED candles.
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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